Pancakes at The Pear Tree

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is one of my favourite days of the year, it's a day where it's acceptable to eat as many pancakes as you like - what's not to love about that? As Emil and I both work during the week, we're not sure how much time we'll have to make pancakes on Tuesday, so we decided to go out for brunch and have an early pancake day instead. 

I recently blogged about my trip to The Pear Tree at Greenland Place and they very kindly invited me back to try their updated Banana Buttermilk Pancakes. Therefore, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get our pancake fix ahead of Shrove Tuesday, I tried out the new Banana Pancakes and Emil had his favourite - the Blueberry and Bacon Buttermilk Pancakes. 

As always, the food was delicious. The updated Banana Pancakes are topped with walnuts and a whole caramelised banana (as opposed to just the half like before), as well as maple syrup and vanilla cream. The pancakes are so light and fluffy which means they're really not heavy on your stomach, I'm so pleased they updated the pancakes as I'm now even more in love with them. Emil loved how crispy the bacon was on his pancakes and loved how well it went with the sweetness of the blueberries and maple syrup. 

The Pear Tree actually have a special pancake menu on Shrove Tuesday (28th February) and they have so many different types of pancakes (as listed in the photo above), so there's something for everyone. If you're in the area on Tuesday, I really can't recommend it enough - I could quite easily work my way through the whole menu! 

Even if you can't make it on Tuesday, but are ever in the Surrey Quays / Canada Water area, I really recommend you pay this restaurant a visit. The food is amazing, there's a large variety of drinks (my favourite is the banana, peanut butter, raw coca and almond milk smoothie), the staff are all really friendly and it's so reasonably priced! You HAVE to check it out (I've left all their links below).

And if that's not enough to wet your appetite...

What are your plans for Pancake Day this year?

MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash | Review

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mascara is one of those products where I don't have a hero product that I reach for time and time again, instead I'm more willing to try different products. I was recently in MAC and was after a really volumising mascara so I was recommended the MAC In Extreme Dimension in 3D Black Lash. I've tried a variety of  MAC mascaras over the years, but I've never tried this one so I was excited to see what it would be like.

What did I think of it?

1./Volume and Length 
I must admit, this is as volumising as I'd hoped. It combs through the lashes which helps to add volume and length without being clumpy. I do still curl my lashes before applying the Extreme Dimension in 3D Black Lash just to help lift them a little, but after a couple of coats of this, I do end up with pretty volumous lashes. 

I am really pleased with how long this lasts. As I mentioned, I've tried a few different MAC mascaras in my time and I have always been really pleased with them. There's very little fallout throughout the day which means you don't end up with black smudged under your eyes. 

When I first saw the applicator I was a little unsure about it as I really don't like huge applicators and this one is pretty big, however, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did as I've been really pleased with it, the tip of the brush is narrower which allows for precision in the outer corners of my eyes which is really helpful. It's also a plastic applicator which I know not everyone is a fan of, but it really helps comb through each lash, adding to the volume.

I've been really pleased with the formulation, it applies really well to the lashes and isn't too chalky which means it doesn't crumble off your lashes throughout the day.

As with all MAC packaging, it's very simplistic and minimalist which I love! It's quite bulky which is a little annoying as it takes up a lot of room in my make up bag if I'm out and about, but I think that's  me just being petty. 

Would I recommend it?
If you like really volumised lashes, yes. If you prefer a more nautral look for your lashes, this may be a bit too volumising for you. However, I will definitely be purchasing another one once this runs out.

Beauty Pie | Review

Sunday, 19 February 2017

There is an ever growing love for subscription boxes across all categories and the beauty category is no different, but I hadn't got round to trying any beauty subscriptions until now. Beauty Pie is a subscription service whereby you pay £10 a month to be a member and this then entitles you to premium make up at a discounted price, all of which are Beauty Pie own brand products. You have a monthly allowance of £100 (this is based on items at their full price, but you pay a lot less as a member) allowing you to try a large selection of products so there's always something you'll need. My friend has a membership with them, but wasn't going to use her monthly allowance for February, so offered me the chance to try some of the products from Beauty Pie and I obviously couldn't resist!

So what did I buy?

1./ The Ten Best Natural Eyeshadow Shades Palette
This was the first thing I saw on the Beauty Pie website and it was released just at the time I was looking to make my purchases. I'm a sucker for natural eyeshadow palettes and you can never have too many right? So I knew I had to get it. They also have a smokey eye shadow palette, but I didn't think I would use it as much as this one. Whilst I love the colours in the palette, they're not the most pigmented so they're ideal for an everyday work eye look, but I will probably still reach for my Urban Decay Naked palettes for weekends / days out.

2./Uber Curl Drama Mascara
I was in need of a new mascara for work, so I was keen to give one from Beauty Pie a try. I loved the sound of the 'Uber Curl Drama' and whilst there are a few mascaras to choose from, I decided this one would probably suit my needs the most. I must admit, I really do like the mascara, it curls my lashes well and provides a good amount of volume without being too thick or clumpy. I've been wearing this for work and have been loving it.

3./One Powder Wonder
I've been wanting to try a setting powder for a while and had been looking at one from MAC, however, when I saw this one on Beauty Pie I was eager to give it a try. I think this is my favourite product I ordered from Beauty Pie, the consistency of the powder is really soft and it applies really easily to the skin. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my make up staying in place when I've used it. I'm definitely enjoying adding this into my everyday make up routine.

4./FutureLipstick - Matte in Cowboy Nude
I always find buying lipsticks online really difficult because it's not always easy to judge what the shade is like. However, my friend had told me how good the lipsticks from Beauty Pie were so I was keen to give one a try. When this arrived, I was a little concerned that the shade would be too brown and too dark for me. However, once I tried it, I immediately fell in love. It's not as pigmented as I first thought, which actually works in my favour as it's more of a nude colour once applied, which is definitely more the colour I was after and would really recommend giving this a try.

Would I buy from Beauty Pie again?
Yes, definitely. I have been really impressed with the products and particularly the value for money. You get really premium make up, for a fraction of the price of other premium brands. Also, the order comes beautifully wrapped, so it feels as though Beauty Pie have really taken the effort to ensure your products arrive safely and with a more personal touch. Many subscription services don't give you the option to select which products you receive or if they do, the choice is often very limited. However, this isn't the case with Beauty Pie, you can select what ever products you like and there's a huge range to choose from. If you're looking to try a subscription service that you have control over, I'd really recommend Beauty Pie.

Have you tried any Beauty Pie products or other beauty subscription boxes?

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