My Winter Essentials

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

As we are now in the height of winter, I thought I would share my winter essentials with you. The nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder; it can quite often be a miserable time of year. However, these products make my winter days more enjoyable.

1./  Primark - Super Cosy tights
Those of you that know me will know that I'm not a massive fan of Primark, however, I was in there the other day with my mum and came across these tights. I love wearing skirts and dresses, but in the winter months I often find myself wearing trousers or leggings because my legs get so cold in tights. Therefore, when I saw these tights and saw how thick and warm they were, I thought I'd give them a try. They have a fleecy lining inside which makes them so cosy. Also, they have definitely kept me warm on my walk into Uni. I liked them so much that I went in to buy another pair. At £3.50 each, you really can't go wrong. These are now a must for winter! 

2./ The Body Shop - Shea Butter
As you can see from the photo below, I'm a bit obsessed with the Shea Butter products from The Body Shop. However, the body butter and lip butter are a must in the winter months. The cold weather always dries my skin and lips out and these two products always manage to restore the moisture back into my skin. I definitely recommend them! Plus, there's lots of different flavours from The Body Shop, so you'll be sure to find one you like. 

3./ The Body Shop - Hemp Hand Cream
Sticking with the moisturising theme, my next winter essential is the Hemp Hand cream from The Body Shop. I discovered this last winter and have gone back to it again this year. I decided to use it because in my mums line of work, she always has to wash her hands and so they always get really dry especially in the winter. This was the only hand cream that worked and restored the moisture back into her hands. It's quite a thick cream, but doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy, which is a definite plus. Also, it doesn't have a particularly strong scent, which I like as sometimes hand cream scents can be a bit too overpowering.  I can see this being on my essentials list for many years to come. 

4./ Yankee Candles
I love Yankee Candles and the great thing about them is that you can use them all year round as they have so many different scents. I was given some Yankee Candle waxes for my birthday at the end of last year. They are great because you burn them using a wax burner and then they melt into an oil, giving off a gorgeous scent as they do so. Also, they are really long lasting, I've been burning the same one for about two months now and I'm not even half way through! They are great for my student house as they get rid of the mould smell and make my room smell so much nicer. Also, they make my room super cosy in the evenings when I'm working or relaxing. I was given three scents; 'Very Berry', 'Christmas Treats' and 'Soft Cotton'; all of which smell so good. Candles are a really simple, but effective way to make your room much cosier during the winter nights.

5./ Hot Chocolate
A very simple, but crucial winter essential is hot chocolate. My favourite at the moment is the 'Belgian Choc' flavour from 'Options'. I love hot chocolate, not only because I'm a self-confessed chocoholic, but also because it's so warming during the cold winter months. A timeless winter essential!

Do you have any winter essentials? Let me know in the comments below.


Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I've heard a lot about the Gelly nail polishes from Barry M and have always wanted to try them. However, I am addicted to Rimmel London I ❤ Lasting Nail Polish because they do really last ages and I find painting my nails such a chore so the less I have to do it, the better. Therefore, I've never bought myself one of the Gelly nail polishes from Barry M as I always end up buying one from Rimmel. 

However, I thought it was about time that I tried the Gelly nail polish from Barry M and asked for a few of the polishes for Christmas. I was lucky enough to receive four from my auntie and uncle. 

1./Watermelon 2./Blackberry 3./Plum 4./Pomegranate.

I asked for dark colours as I like wearing darker colours during the winter months. Since Christmas I've now tried all of them and I think my favourite has to be 'Plum' as purple is my favourite colour anyway and it's a lovely shade. 

Whilst I like the shine that the Gelly paints offer, they don't last as long as I had expected. They chip a lot quicker than the Rimmel I ❤Lasting Finish, but I will always be biased to them as they have served me well for many years now. Having said that, I do absolutely love the colours from Barry M and will definitely be getting a lot more wear out of them.

Have you tried the Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes? What's your favourite? 


New Hair

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I'm always really unadventurous when it comes to my hair. It's naturally blonde and straight so most of the time I don't do much to it at all. When I go to the hairdressers, I always just have my ends cut off as I like having long hair and am scared of any drastic changes. However, recently I'd been getting really bored with my hair and really fancied a change without having to lose my length. I decided to have a parted fringe cut in as whilst this gave me the change I desired, I didn't have to lose my length. When the hairdresser styled it, I really liked it, but I haven't been able to style it in the same way since, so I haven't been too keen on it. I'm determined to peserve with it for the time being, but I can see me growing it out again before too long. 

Have you recently had a change of hairstyle for the new year?


Goals for 2014!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Every year I like to set myself a few goals to achieve by the end of the year. I didn't get round to this last year as the beginning of 2013 was rather stressful for me, but I am back on track and have thought about 5 goals that I would like to achieve this year. 

1./ Graduate with a 2.1 or 1st
As this is my last year of university, I will hopefully be graduating in July. When I started university my aim was to finish with a 1st at the end of my degree. Having completed my first year with a 1st, I thought this was a realistic ambition. However, second year was really hard for me, not only academically, but also due to personal reasons. As a result of this, my grades really slipped and I only managed to scrape myself a 2.1 at the end of the year. Now I'm in my third year, the work is only getting harder and having established that I need to get 76% overall this year to graduate with a 1st, this ideal is slipping away. However, I will not give up hope, I will continue working hard, but I have come to accept the fact that I may not get my 1st, having said that, I would be delighted with a 2.1 as that is still a great achievement. 

2./ Decide what to do next year
Originally my plan was to undertake a masters degree next academic year in forensic psychology. I wanted to move back home to do this as I can no longer afford the rent on other accommodation and my current university doesn't offer this degree. However, lately I've been having doubts about whether to do a masters or not. I'm looking at the possibility of taking a gap year and going travelling for a few months. Whilst I love the idea of travelling, I somehow need to find the money to fund this and I'm quite a home girl so I don't know how I'd cope being away from home in a foreign country for so long. Also, I'm now looking at the possibility of going into the beauty industry. I'd love to work in the head office of a big beauty brand, having applied to a few grad schemes, I'm yet to hear anything, so I'm not getting my hopes up for this dream, but I've still got a few months to decide yet. 

3./ Get another piercing
This is a pretty simple one. I had my ears pierced when I was 13, my belly button when I was 16 and my tragus on my right ear when I was 18 (just as I went to university). I've been wanting to get my cartilage pierced for ages now, but I've always chickened out because I'm scared of the pain and I've had quite a few allergic reactions to my other piercings. However, I am determined to get it done this year.

4./ Watch Titanic
I know, I know, I'm the worst person ever for not having seen this film. I've had it on DVD for years, but I've just never got round to watching it. I'm not a fan of long films because I get distracted so easily and so that's the main reason for me putting off watching it. However, this year I will sit down and take the time to watch it as I feel so left out for not having seen it! 

5./ Get more involved in blogging
I originally decided I wanted to start this blog in July last year. However, I was too uncertain about what to write and what people would think that I put off publishing my first post until October. Although this is now my 4th post, I am yet to tell my friends about it or publish the link on social media sites. I guess I'm just scared of being judged and I feel like I know so little compared to other beauty bloggers that I would get laughed at for my incorrect terminology or the poor design. I need to devote more time to it to really make it how I want it to be, however, with all my university work it's kind of been put on the back bench. With me graduating in the summer, I will have plenty of time after that to put a lot of work into this blog and hopefully I'll have the confidence to share it with others. 

Have you made any goals for 2014? Let me know in the comments.


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