My Winter Essentials

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

As we are now in the height of winter, I thought I would share my winter essentials with you. The nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder; it can quite often be a miserable time of year. However, these products make my winter days more enjoyable.

1./  Primark - Super Cosy tights
Those of you that know me will know that I'm not a massive fan of Primark, however, I was in there the other day with my mum and came across these tights. I love wearing skirts and dresses, but in the winter months I often find myself wearing trousers or leggings because my legs get so cold in tights. Therefore, when I saw these tights and saw how thick and warm they were, I thought I'd give them a try. They have a fleecy lining inside which makes them so cosy. Also, they have definitely kept me warm on my walk into Uni. I liked them so much that I went in to buy another pair. At £3.50 each, you really can't go wrong. These are now a must for winter! 

2./ The Body Shop - Shea Butter
As you can see from the photo below, I'm a bit obsessed with the Shea Butter products from The Body Shop. However, the body butter and lip butter are a must in the winter months. The cold weather always dries my skin and lips out and these two products always manage to restore the moisture back into my skin. I definitely recommend them! Plus, there's lots of different flavours from The Body Shop, so you'll be sure to find one you like. 

3./ The Body Shop - Hemp Hand Cream
Sticking with the moisturising theme, my next winter essential is the Hemp Hand cream from The Body Shop. I discovered this last winter and have gone back to it again this year. I decided to use it because in my mums line of work, she always has to wash her hands and so they always get really dry especially in the winter. This was the only hand cream that worked and restored the moisture back into her hands. It's quite a thick cream, but doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy, which is a definite plus. Also, it doesn't have a particularly strong scent, which I like as sometimes hand cream scents can be a bit too overpowering.  I can see this being on my essentials list for many years to come. 

4./ Yankee Candles
I love Yankee Candles and the great thing about them is that you can use them all year round as they have so many different scents. I was given some Yankee Candle waxes for my birthday at the end of last year. They are great because you burn them using a wax burner and then they melt into an oil, giving off a gorgeous scent as they do so. Also, they are really long lasting, I've been burning the same one for about two months now and I'm not even half way through! They are great for my student house as they get rid of the mould smell and make my room smell so much nicer. Also, they make my room super cosy in the evenings when I'm working or relaxing. I was given three scents; 'Very Berry', 'Christmas Treats' and 'Soft Cotton'; all of which smell so good. Candles are a really simple, but effective way to make your room much cosier during the winter nights.

5./ Hot Chocolate
A very simple, but crucial winter essential is hot chocolate. My favourite at the moment is the 'Belgian Choc' flavour from 'Options'. I love hot chocolate, not only because I'm a self-confessed chocoholic, but also because it's so warming during the cold winter months. A timeless winter essential!

Do you have any winter essentials? Let me know in the comments below.



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