Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The other day I went shopping with my friend Emil and we went into ZARA. He took me into the men's section to have a look around. Having not had a boyfriend for nearly a year and a half, I've barely ventured into male shops. I was quite surprised by the collection that ZARA had and not necessarily in a good way! I find the female section a bit hit and miss - sometimes I will find loads that I love, but other times I can barely find anything. However, with the male section, there was such a varied choice of clothing and a lot of it was not necessarily something I would find attractive on a boy.

They had a section that was full of prints, ranging from a snow leopard on the arm of a Bomber jacket, to a tropical print jacket accessorized with a floral scarf. The tropical print featured heavily on many of their t-shirts and jackets and was something that really didn't appeal to Emil and I. I must admit, if I had a boyfriend who wore those kind of statement prints, I wouldn't be impressed as you would definitely stand out from the crowd. Also, I think they look really feminine and I wouldn't want a boy to look more girly than me!

A lot of feminine clothing featured in their men's range, so much so that a couple of times Emil and I had to double check the labels to make sure female clothes hadn't been accidentally placed in the men's section. There were a lot of really skin tight trousers in their range and again this is something that really wouldn't appeal to me if a boy was to wear it. Whilst I like a boy to have a good fashion sense, I think this was taking it a bit too far as I definitely wouldn't want him to look feminine. 

Also, there were a lot of questionable denim wear in their collection. Something that particularly stood out to me was the Denim Hooded Waistcoat, it looked more like something a member of the Village People would wear rather than a fashionable guy. Don't get me wrong, I love a guy who can pull off a denim jacket, I'm just not sure the frayed waistcoat is a look that I would go for. There were also a pair of denim Bermuda shorts, again, I don't really have a problem with denim shorts, but these had a grey velour short sewn into them and to me, it just looked really wrong. Maybe they would look better on (I couldn't persuade Emil to try them on), but they just looked really odd and out of place when on the hanger.

I found with the male section, as I do with the female section, that there were also a lot of really nice clothes. A lot of their range is really smart and sophisticated; something you would expect to see boating men wearing and to me that is a classic and timeless look. This is why I was so confused by all of the other clothes that ZARA had, as it just seemed to me that they weren't really sure who their market was so they just decided to try a bit of everything. Maybe I was just too critical or I've had my eye of male fashion for too long, but I wasn't impressed with their range - sorry ZARA!

Have you been into ZARA Man lately - what do you think? What male shops would you recommend?



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