Rimmel Space Dust Nail Polish

Friday, 25 April 2014

I received this nail polish for my birthday about 5 months ago, but haven't written a blog post yet as I wanted to wear it a few times in order for me to be able to give it a proper review. So here it is...

I got it in the colour '006 Moon Walking' and have now worn it several times and received an abundance of compliments from friends and strangers! It looks really effective on the nails and is very different to many other nail polishes on the market. What I absolutely love about it, is that it doesn't chip very easily and stays on the nails for a long time. It looks so effective to paint on all your nails or to just use as an accent nail. My only criticism of this, is that it is rather thick and comes with a thick brush which can make it difficult to apply. Also, although I've only had this polish for about 5 months, it does seem to be going 'gloopy' already, which is really disappointing as normally Rimmel nail polishes last ages. I know there are a range colours in this collection and so I would definitely consider buying more in the future.

With it being a glitter nail polish, it makes it extremely hard to get off with nail polish remover. So here is a top tip for you to get any glitter nail polish off without all the stress and hassle. Put some nail polish remover onto a small piece of cotton wool/cotton wool pad and then place this on to your nail. Then take a piece of kitchen foil and wrap this around your nail and finger and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then unwrap the foil and as you peel the cotton wool off, your nail polish should come off too. This technique has literally revolutionised my life!

For those of you who are interested, I'm wearing Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in the colour '403 The High Heel Life' on my accent nail in the above picture.

Have you tried any of Rimmel's Spact Dust collection? Let me know in the comments below.


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