Yogi Hair Wand

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

You've all heard me go on about for ages how my hair is dead straight and I can never do anything with it. I've tried curlers, rollers and straighteners, all in an attempt to curl my hair. Generally, these have all failed and my hair always drops soon after. A few months ago my friend let me borrow her curling wand, I'd never tried a wand on my hair and it created the most amazing curls which lasted until I washed my hair later the next day. From then on I was on the search for a curling wand. Being a student, I was trying to find the cheapest one I could, but I knew I needed a high quality one in order for the curls to actually stay. I found the Yogi Hair Wand on amazon for only £40 and it's literally the best £40 I have ever spent. 

The wand is so versatile as wrapping large sections of hair around the wand can create waves, however, wrapping smaller sections of hair around the wand will create tighter curls. I tend to use this technique as the curls last longer and gradually drop throughout the day to leave really beautiful waves. I would definitely recommend this wand for all hair types, it comes in a range of colours (I got gloss black) it also comes with a heat proof glove which is so handy as I'm forever burning myself.

Let me know if you've tried this wand and what your thoughts are on it?


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