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Sunday, 24 August 2014

I've recently got a job at the shoe shop Clarks and the uniform is all black. I already own quite a lot of black clothes, so I didn't think this would be a problem, but it turns out my wardrobe wasn't as well stocked as I thought. This meant that I had an excuse to go shopping and went into H&M because I wanted some cheap, basic black clothes and they had such a good selection; I tried on about 10 items, but restricted myself to only buying 5.

1./Basics Top - £6.99

2./Sheer Sleeveless Top - £14.99

3./Ribbed Jumper - £7.99

4./Skinny Jeans - £12.99

5./Leggings - £14.99 

When I was at the till, the lady who served me guessed that it was for work and mentioned how many customers they had who bought their work uniform there, it really is the best place to go for decent work clothes that aren't ridiculously priced. The added bonus, is that when I leave the job, I would sill wear these clothes. So if you're looking for work clothes, I would definitely recommended H&M.  

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