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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

It's the time of year again that students are returning to university or just starting for the first time. I remember my first day at university and how daunting it seemed. Not only are most people moving away from home for the first time, but often, it involves living with people they've never met before and adjusting to a whole new chapter in their lives. Once freshers week is over, you start to settle in and those who are returning to university for their 2nd/3rd/4th year will often feel a lot more settled than those who are just starting out. No matter what stage you are in your degree, it's often helpful to hear tips from others who enjoyed their time at university in order to maximise your enjoyment, so here are some of my top tips from my university experience.

1./If in doubt, pack it
There's nothing worse than being away from home and suddenly realising there's something you wish you had brought with you. Yes, you could go and buy another one from the shop, but you're a student, that money should be used on alcohol and hangover food. 

2./Talk to anyone and everyone
This is the only time in your life where everyone is out to make friends. In the first few weeks of university, you will meet so many people and probably forget all their names, but talk to them anyway. Try and talk to as many people as possible because it will really help you to form your friendship groups and will keep you from feeling lonely and homesick.

3./First years - enjoy yourselves
Obviously this applies for those returning to university too, but especially for first years as for most courses, the first year doesn't count so it is important that you make the most of it. Obviously you need to work hard still as it forms the foundations for your degree, but it's also important to fit in lots of socialising and to enjoy yourselves as the workload increases as you progress through university.

4./Take every opportunity that is thrown at you
This follows on from the previous point, but university is one of the only times in your life where there are so many opportunities available to you. It ranges from societies to sports teams as well as getting involved with your SU. I think it's important to try at least a couple of societies/sports teams as not only is it a great way to meet people, but also you may learn a new skill.

5./Take lots of photos
This may seem like a bit of a random one, but university is such a unique experience that you're very unlikely to have again. Taking photos is a great way to capture the memories, I was often labelled 'the camera lady' whilst at university, but now I'm really grateful that I did that because I have a whole range of photos to reminisce over when I'm missing university. 

6./Pre drink
Before I started university, I rarely pre drank before a night out. We'd have a few drinks in a pub and then go onto the club. However, at university you're away from judgemental parents so make the most of it. Drinks are so expensive in clubs so always drink before you go out. Also, it's a great way to get to know your flatmates or other friends as you can engage in different drinking games to learn things about them.

So there are my top tips for university, they may be a bit controversial, but they're things that really helped me whilst I was away so I hope they can help some others too. If you have any top tips for university, let me know in the comments below.

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