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Sunday, 7 December 2014

As many of you will know, it was my birthday last weekend and it's safe to say, I managed to fit a lot into one day! I've decided to split the day into two blog posts so I don't end up rambling on and people getting bored half way through. So here's the first instalment about the amazing breakfast we had at the 'Duck and Waffle'. 

Emil text me a few weeks ago and told me that he had booked a place for us to have breakfast in London on my birthday, but that I couldn't know any more about it. So on my birthday we woke up early and jumped on a train, I love surprises and so I was extra excited as I wasn't even allowed to know what station we were going to. However, after a train and a tube ride we ended up at Liverpool Street station and started walking along Bishopgate. The next thing I knew Emil had dragged me into this tiny door way and into a lift (at this point I thought I was being kidnapped!) all I had seen on the door was 'The Duck and Waffle'. As we went up in the lift (which went so fast) we were able to see the beautiful sights of London - my favourite place ever. Once at the top of the Heron tower, we left the lift and walked into the most amazing looking bar. We looked right out over the Gherkin and Tower Bridge was also in sight, I was so overwhelmed by how amazing everything looked, the sights as well as the restaurant. As we were a little early, we had a the most amazing fresh orange juice whilst watching the sun start to rise before being led into the main restaurant once our table was ready. We were lucky enough to have a window seat and so could continue to admire the view of London. The choice on the menu was incredible, I didn't know what to choose, but eventually opted for the 'Bananas Brulée' which was waffle with caramelised banana, home made nutella, vanilla ice cream and crushed peanuts, Emil opted for the English breakfast. I think it's safe to say that both of us thought that it was the best breakfast we had ever had. Everything about the experience was perfect, the views, the food, the service, the company (sorry cheese alert!). I would definitely recommend the 'Duck and Waffle' to everyone, I love eating breakfast out and have tried many little cafés, but nothing comes close to how amazing this was.

After breakfast, we looked around Spitafields markets before heading back home to celebrate the rest of my birthday with my family. All of which I will share with you on Wednesday.

Apologies for the quality of the photos - I forgot my camera and so had to use my phone!

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