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Sunday, 14 December 2014

I was very lucky to receive a gorgeous box filled with Urban Decay beauties for my birthday from Emil (boyfriend points!). I've left it a couple of weeks before publishing this post because I wanted to try the products out properly in order to give a fair review and this is what I found:

My two favourite everyday mascaras are MAC's Studio Fix Boldblack Lash and Maybelline 'falsies', both of which I have raved about in many blog posts, however, I may be as bold to say that I've found a new favourite. At first I found that it was a bit clumpy, but I know now to make sure I scrape the product off the brush before applying it to my lashes and it really is amazing. Not only does it curl as it claims to do, but the volume is really good too. I only have a small one, but I will be sure to purchase the larger size once this one runs out!

I saw this in Urban Decay a few months ago and loved the sound of it. I'm forever reapplying make up on a night out and I end up having to carry around so much make up in my bag, so this sounded like the perfect solution. Emil kindly included this in my package and it really is good! I've read a lot of reviews about it on different blogs and I must say, I do agree with all the positive comments. Although I haven't worn it that much yet, I can see an improvement in how much longer my make up stays on at night. The best thing about it is, you really don't need a lot and so I feel that this bottle will last a very long time!

One thing I love about Urban Decay is that they are forever giving away free samples and so in my Naked palette that I got earlier in the year I got 4 samples of their different eyeshadow primers, but my favourite was their original 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion' and this was also part of my birthday present. I've used it pretty much everyday since I got it because it really does work and keeps your eyeshadow in place all day.

Anyone who vaguely follows the world of beauty or blogging will no doubt have stumbled across Urban Decay's naked palettes. As mentioned before, I treated myself to the first one 'Naked' earlier this year and have absolutely loved it, it's pretty much been my staple for eyeshadow. I was looking at buying the 'Naked 3' palette a little while back, but I didn't and luckily Emil included this as part of my present too. I am absolutely in love with it, it contains more 'pinky' shades whereas the 'Naked' palette is more neutral colours. What I love so much about these palettes is that they are so pigmented and so long lasting, I could go on for ages about how amazing they are, but I won't because I'm pretty sure most of you will know already.

I absolutely love this eye pencil, normally I wear Mac's eye kohl in 'Smoulder' which I normally wear on my waterline for a night out, but I was excited to give this one a go. It really does what it says on the tin and 'glides-on', it's a very soft pencil that is quite long lasting and doesn't smudge easily. I really do love it. 

So yes, I was very lucky and thought I would share what are now some of my beauty favourites, What do you love from Urban Decay? Let me know in the comments below.

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