A Weekend in Cambridge

Thursday, 5 March 2015

They say the friends you make at uni are friends for life and for the most part, I believe that to be true. Whilst at UEA, I had the best three years of my life, although there were stressful times, they were often made better by three very special ladies; Anna, Harriette and Fiona. All of us did psychology and were friends throughout the three years, often meeting up for dinner or going on nights out. Some of my happiest memories from university involve these three. However, since graduating in July, we haven't all been in the same place at the same time as we live quite far apart. Fortunately, this was rectified at the weekend when we all met in Cambridge for shopping, lunch and a night out.

Fiona lives in Cambridge so she showed us around. When we first met on Saturday morning, we started out by doing some shopping and planning our outfits for the night out we had planned. However, as we hadn't seen each other in so long, we ended up stopping in the middle of shops catching up and getting in everyone's way, so we thought it was best that we grabbed some lunch and have a proper catch up. As is tradition with us, we ended up in an Italian restaurant, this time it was Zizzi's, and over a 3 course meal and about 4 hours, had a proper catch up, filling each other in on the goings on in our lives. After another trip to a few shops, we headed back to Fiona's house.

Unfortunately, Anna then had to head back home, but Fiona, Harriette and I, grabbed some dinner and started drinking in preparation for our night out. We spent ages getting ready, comparing make up, finding the best mirror with the best lighting, comparing outfits and just generally having a lot of fun. Some of Fiona's friends from school came round and joined us before we all headed into town. We went to a club called 'Fez' which was really lovely inside, although very expensive as is to be expected from Cambridge! Unfortunately, we weren't massive fans of the music and so left a little early and finished our night in style - in McDonalds!

The next morning, I woke up to Fiona making pancakes (which were incredible)! After a lazy breakfast, we all went our separate ways, promising to not leave it so long before we met up again. What I enjoyed most about the weekend is that although we hadn't seen each other in 6 months, it was as if it had only been a week. We all get on so well and have so much fun together that I can't imagine my life without these girls. I hate how little I get to see of them, but cannot wait for what the future has in store for our friendship.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.


  1. Aww - looks like you had a great catch up :) you really make lifelong friends at uni! Also, those Krispy Kreme doughnuts...! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. We did thank you(: yes, it's so true! Haha they are incredible xx


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