Monday, 2 March 2015

As many of you may be aware, I'm a forensic psychology masters student and am currently in the process of gathering data for my dissertation. The only problem is, I can only use MALE participants who are very hard to recurit. I know most of my readers are female, but if you know any men that are willing to partake in this study, please direct them to the link at the end of this post. 

The study aims to identify how quickly males respond to images of males and females and whether this differs between online and offline conditions. Also, it aims to determine whether or not scores on reaction time tasks are affected by self-report sexual interest questions.

It only takes 15-20 minutes and there’s 3 PARTS, a questionnaire, a picture task (which may take a few minutes to download) and then a final questionnaire, if you start the study, please ensure you complete all sections. Please note that it can take a while to download the programme 'inquisit' to complete the picture task. Please be patient, it may say program not responding, but it is fine, it just takes a little while to download.

I would be so grateful if anyone could spare the time to take part.

All you need to do, is click this link

Thank you so much.


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