A Day Out To London

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

It's been ages since I've written 'A Day Out To...' post, which just shows how busy I've been lately! Despite living about 30 minutes away from Central London, I rarely spend much time there, however, during the Easter weekend, Emil came down to visit me and we thought we'd be tourists in London for the day. We started by climbing 'The Monument', which neither of us had done before, with 311 stairs, it was a great way to burn off all the Easter chocolate. However, all of the steps are worth it because once at the top, the views of London are beautiful; you can clearly see 'Tower Bridge', 'The Gherkin' and 'The Shard' to name just a few. Afterwards, we walked around 'Borough Market' which is my favourite market ever, the smells of the food are incredible and we treated ourselves to a pulled pork baguette and I had a piece of Tiffin and Emil had a cookie the size of his head. After indulging ourselves, we hopped on the Tube and went to a new shopping centre called 'One New Change' in Cheapside. Ironically, a lot of the shops are high end and so I didn't end up doing much shopping, but the selling point of this centre is the views from the roof. A few bars/restaurants are based on the roof and being right next to St Paul's, you get a lovely view of this iconic cathedral as well as other famous monuments in London. Next we got back on the Tube and went to the BoxPark pop-up mall in Shoreditch which had loads of interesting shops and so we spent ages looking around. Finally, we walked down Shoreditch high street and into Brick Lane where we had dinner in a really 'hipster' Mexican restaurant, but the food was delicious. I had such a lovely day, although it was very tiring, it was so nice to have a day where I didn't have to worry about work and could explore bits of London that I hadn't been to before.

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