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Monday, 23 November 2015

If you're a follower of my blog, you'll know that I've recently completed a masters in Forensic Psychology. I was unsure whether or not to attend my graduation at first because I have had a really tough year and didn't want to have to travel down to Canterbury again. However, my parents persuaded me to go, so Mum, Dad, Emil and I travelled down. After a 3 hour journey (when it should only take an hour and a quarter!), I arrived very stressed and very anxious!

It was quite a surreal experience because I had to gown up in a hall and then walk down the high street to the Cathedral. It was strange walking alongside members of the public and the cobbled streets did make me feel like a Hogwarts student walking down Diagon Alley. As we were running late, I did feel a little rushed so couldn't take in my surroundings as much as I'd have liked. Having stopped for a couple of photo opportunities, we arrived at the Cathedral, which looked absolutely stunning, as it was an evening graduation, it was lit up beautifully.

As I walked along the cloisters of the cathedral to the room in which I had to register, I definitely felt like I should be in Harry Potter! It was so lovely to be reunited with all of my course friends and catch up with what we've been up to since finishing our degree. 

After a very manic half an hour trying to arrange all of the students into the correct order, we finally walked round to the entrance of the cathedral. As we entered, it became apparent that we were going to be walking down the aisle - something I really hadn't expected. However, I did feel a real sense of importance as all eyes were on us and camera flashes were going off all over the place.

The graduation ceremony went really quickly and I didn't trip over, which was a result! Having never really felt any attachment to the University of Kent, nor felt any sense of my achievement for my masters, I did feel quite emotional as we processed out of the cathedral. I think it finally hit me how much I had achieved and how far I had come in a year. 

Lots of photos with friends ensued, but it was so cold that we couldn't hang around for too long. We then went for a celebratory dinner at a gorgeous Moroccan restaurant with lots of bubbly! Despite the massive rush, I did have a really lovely evening and it was nice to finally have closure to what has been a really difficult and stressful year, 

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