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Sunday, 10 January 2016


This palette is one of Urban Decay's newest releases and as soon as I saw that it was being released, I was eager to get my hands on it. I was very lucky to receive this from Emil for Christmas so thought I'd share with you a quick run down of my thoughts on it.

I absolutely LOVE the packaging. It's very different to Urban Decay's statement Naked palettes, it's a lot more bold, heavier and best of all the mirror is so much bigger! The simple black and white polka dot design is so simple, yet so photogenic! It's also more square than the Naked palettes which means it fits in my make up bag well for when I'm away for a few nights, whereas I find the Naked palettes a bit too long.

2./Shade Range
I love the range of shades in this palette as unlike the Naked palettes they don't all fall on the same spectrum. There's a mixture of both shimmer and matte shades ranging from a shimmery cream, to bright pink, bright blue and black. There's definitely a colour for every occasion and so it's great for travelling as there's lighter colours for the daytime and then darker, bolder colours for nights out. My favourite is 'Baby' to use across my whole lid and then my favourite to blend in the corner and through the crease is 'Punk'.

Some of the lighter colours aren't as pigmented as I would have liked. This may just be me and my lighter skin tone, however, I must admit the darker shades are definitely very pigmented and are rather bold if not blended properly! 

4./Long Lasting
I have found that these eye shadows do last well on my eyes for most of the day. I tend to wear eye shadows with a primer, but even without they are rather last longing.

My one criticism of this palette is that they  are really 'dusty' eye shadows, when I go to apply some with a brush, I find a lot of fallout lands on the palette as well as my cheek once I apply it to my eye. It's only a small criticism because it's easily blended away, but it does become annoying at times. 

I've heard the Gwen Stefani did have a lot of input in the design of these eye shadows which is so nice to hear, rather than it just being another celebrity endorsed product that isn't actually that good. I think some of the more bold shadows reflect Gwen's personality and that's so refreshing to see in this kind of product. Overall, I am a huge fan of this eye shadow palette and it has quickly found its way into my everyday make up routine. 

Have you tried the Gwen Stefani palette from Urban Decay? Let me know in the comments below.

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