10 things I've learnt since working full time

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I can't believe that I've nearly been in my job for a year now, it's gone so fast! Going from being a student to working full time is a massive lifestyle change and I've learnt so much in that time!

1./9-5 is a myth
I don't know anyone that works 9-5, most people finish at 5.30 or for me, I work 9.30-6. Also, no one ever works just their set hours, I rarely finish on time and if I do, I often don't take a long lunchbreak. There's always bits to be finished off and there never seems to be enough hours in the day!

2./You live for weekends
As depressing as this sounds, you live for weekends. It's 2 days where you can wake up at whatever time you want and there's so much free time to do whatever you like. Having said that, they are by far the quickest two days of the week and I always seem to be super busy, but any time not at work is always a bonus.

3./The tiredness is real
As I mentioned earlier, it's a massive lifestyle change when you first start work and for me, I struggled with the tiredness the most. Not only do you have to concentrate for more hours of the day than you've ever had to before, early mornings and late nights take their toll. I'm more used to it now than I was, but I do still get exhausted towards the end of the week.

4./Pay day is your best friend
I love pay day, it's the one day of the month where you actually have money in your account, it's the time of the month when you can actually afford things. After that, all your payments start leaving your bank account and your balance starts to fall. 

5./A lot of tea and coffee gets consumed
Personally, I don't drink tea or coffee, I'll occasionally have a green tea, but that's about it. However, everyone in the office is constantly drinking either a tea or coffee. There was a running joke in the office at one point as we were getting through what felt like one kettle a week as they're so overused!

6./Drinking on a weekday is never a good idea
I've definitely found this out the hard way! When you're at uni, it's totally acceptable to go out and get drunk in the middle of the week as you never have any early starts and if you did have a 9am lecture, it didn't matter as no one cared if you didn't turn up or if you did, you could go home after and go to back bed. However, that is definitely not the case at work, you have to sit it out all day and being in an office environment with a hangover is not an enjoyable experience.

7./Holiday treats are the best
Often when a colleague has been on holiday, they will bring back treats from wherever they've been and when this happens, you know it's going to be a good day!

8./The weight creeps on
However, following on from the above point, all these treats and the nature of office work means that the weight soon creeps on. I went from being quite active to having a very sedentary life, although I walk about 45 minutes a day (to and from the train station) this is not enough to keep the weight off. I've definitely had to make some lifestyle changes to ensure I'm not piling on the pounds!

9./Commuting is a struggle
I think no matter how long or short your commute is, no one wants to do it, it can be very tiring and takes up so much time in the day. This is especially the case if you travel on Southern Rail, you never know when your train will be and more often than not they get cancelled!

10./All of a sudden you're an adult
One minute you're a student with only yourself to worry about, the next, you have a full time job, with responsibilities and commitments, the adult life is all too real!


  1. All of these are absolutely bang on! I work 7am - 4pm majority of the time, I'm constantly tired, I look like a zombie majority of the time, my blood is now coffee and I live for weekends just so I can turn off the alarm clock :') It's so reassuring to know that I'm not the only one feeling like this! :') <3


  2. Haha no you're definitely not alone, I feel your pain! Xx


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