August Favourites

Sunday, 4 September 2016

I've loved this month, it's been so sunny and actually felt like a summer month! So I've had lots of reasons to be happy and with that comes plenty of favourites!

I've been using the original version of this mascara for the last year or so now, but when I last went to repurchase it, I noticed this one and thought I'd give it a try. At first, I wasn't sure about it as its quite thick and can be a bit clumpy. However, the more I use it, the more I love it. It's really volumising and long lasting, also it's really black which I love in a mascara.

I've wanted this bronzer for ages and finally got round to getting it earlier this month. I absolutely love it, it's so pigmented and is great for contouring and adding a bit of colour to my cheeks.

Liquid lipsticks are really popular at the moment and I wanted to know what all the hype was about so went out and purchased this one from NYX. At first, I was a bit worried that the shade was too dark for me, but the more I wear it, the more I love it! 

I absolutely LOVE this stuff, it has revolutionised my life. I always have my nails painted, but I never have enough time to let them dry properly and then they all smudge and it's so annoying, but this product has put an end to that stress. You apply it 2 minutes after your last coat of colour and your nails are dry to the touch within seconds, no smudging or anything! I can't recommend this product enough! 

I've wanted a bomber jacket for months, but was never sure if I could pull it off, but I finally bit the bullet earlier this month and I'm so glad I did as I absolutely love it and have worn it loads recently.

6./Stranger Things
This has by far been the best TV programme I've watched in a very long time! Everyone was raving about it, but I'd heard how scary it was and I can't deal with scary programmes / films (I know I'm a wimp!) so I was a bit reluctant to watch it. However, I was determined to see what all the hype was about so decided to stop being such a wimp and started watching it (admittedly through gaps in my fingers at times)! As I mentioned, it really is so good and all the hype is worth it. For those of you who don't know and without giving anything a way, it's set in the 80s - with an amazing 80s soundtrack - and is a supernatural thriller focusing on a disappearance of a young boy in a small town in America. If you haven't seen it yet, you really should!

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I am forever having a rubbish nail look because I can't wait five minutes for them to dry. I'll definitely try out that topcoat. I've been loving NYX too and have a couple of the soft matte lip cremes - San Paolo is my fave.


    1. I know exactly how you feel Lisabeth, I'm so impatient with nails, but this has really changed my life haha! Ahh I'll have to give San Paolo a try!

      Thanks for reading(: Abi x

  2. I'm in desperate need of a new mascara so I will have to check this one out!
    Sandstorm is such a gorgeous shade, I wish I could pull it off :(
    I'm desperate to get my hands on a bomber jacket, Zara have some gorgeous ones at the moment, but with my growing bump, I don't think it'll happen this side of the year haha!
    I do really want to watch stranger things, I just haven't got around to it yet but everyone keeps telling me that I'll love it.

  3. Definitely try this mascara, it's so good, especially for the price! Yesss I've seen some gorgeous ones in Zara too and hopefully they'll still be in store next year. Aww when you get the chance, you'll have to watch Stranger Things, it really is so good! Xx


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