Top 4 Products for Volumised Hair

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

 I have naturally straight hair, so whilst it's quite easy to manage, I do have problems with a lack of volume, so over the years I've tried a variety of products to try and get a bit of volume in my hair, but I'm finally happy with the combination I've found. 

After washing my hair with Tresemme Cleanse and Renew Deep Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner for normal hair, I run this mousse through my hair with my fingers after towel drying my hair. 

I love this spray and it definitely has made the most difference. After applying the mousse I spray this throughout my hair, ensuring I spray at the roots and underneath my hair before blow drying. 

I've used this hairspray for years and I swear by it. After drying my hair, I tip my head upside down and spray this at the roots to help provide maximum volume. I then spray at the roots on the top of my head and then 'jush' up my hair with my hands and spray all over to hold in place.

If I haven't washed my hair, then I spray  this dry shampoo throughout my hair and it always helps create volume as well as helping it look more fresh. I then set in place with my Silverkrin hairspray.

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