My Everyday Make Up Brushes

Monday, 19 September 2016

Whilst my make up brush collection is ever growing, I have a few favourites that I use on a daily basis, these are mainly from Real Techniques and my Zoeva Rose Gold Vol 1 collection. 

This is by far the best foundation brush I've ever used. It blends the product into the skin so well, leaving a flawless look. 

I love this concealer brush, it's a really nice size to buff the concealer into the skin and helps cover any blemishes or spots really well.

This powder brush is sooo soft and it's the perfect size for powdering the face.

I actually use this brush for bronzer as I find it a bit big for blusher. However, it's the perfect size for bronzing my cheeks and forehead. 

Although I've had this brush for a while now, I rarely used it until recently and now I use it all the time. It's perfect for sweeping highlighter over the top of my cheekbones for an everyday glow. 

This brush is perfect for blusher, it's the ideal size for my cheek bones so leaves a really natural finish.

I really like this brush for applying a base shadow for an everyday look, it helps apply product evenly and is also good for applying product in the outer corner and through the crease for a more defined look. 

I've used this brush for years and have never found one that blends as well as this one. It helps soften the eye make up so effortlessly, I got this in the Real Techniques  Starter Set and I'm not sure you can but it on it's own, but I love it!

This is the perfect angled brush for brows. I use it to help sweep eyeshadow through my brows to help fill them in without having scary looking brows. 

If you're looking for everyday make up brushes, then I really recommend these. I like to vary my brushes up every so often, but these are currently the ones I'm using and loving on an everyday basis.

What are your everyday brushes?


  1. I pretty much use all of these ZOEVA brushes! Their face brushes are theeeee best! I have a couple of Elizabeth Arden ones that I use everyday too xx

    1. Me too, they're definitely my 'go to' Brushes! Ooo I'll have to check out the Elizabeth Arden ones, I've not tried those before xx


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