5 Ways To Make Mornings Easier

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

1./Get up when your alarm goes off
I know some find this really difficult and find themselves constantly hitting the snooze button, but I really do think I feel so much better if I get up as soon as my alarm goes off! The more you hit snooze, the more groggy you feel!

2./Shower first thing
As soon as I get out of bed, I jump straight in the shower. Whilst I know others prefer baths or showers in the evening, I heard on the radio that those who shower in the morning are more likely to be more creative and more productive. I definitely do feel much more ready to face the day once I've had a shower. 

3./Plan your outfit the night before 
Before I go to sleep, I always plan my outfit for work the next day. It saves so much time worrying what to wear the next day and is one less thing to think about in the morning. Sometimes I plan my make up too, but if it's just normal day at work, I don't bother as I tend to have a standard make up routine for work. 

4./Make sure you eat breakfast 
Once I'm ready, I always eat breakfast. As a foodie, I never miss a meal, but I know some find it really hard to eat breakfast first thing. However, it's so beneficial for you and fuels you for the day, it definitely helps wake me up in the mornings.

5./Don't drink coffee first thing in the morning 
Whilst it can be really tempting to get the caffeine fix first thing to wake you up, it's actually not that good for you. It'll increase your energy initially, but once the caffeine wears off, it'll bring you back down to feeling tired and groggy and then you drink your next cup of coffee and the cycle continues! 

These are just 5 steps I take to help mornings feel a little bit more bearable!


  1. Usually when I have an alarm on my phone I have to set it across the room in order to actually wake up, since it's a lot easier to hit the snooze button if it's right next to you but walking all the way across the room might as well get up for real then hahaha Oh and yes for picking clothes out the night before- that's minutes saved when rushing for school! :)

    1. Yeahhh haha I know a few people who do that, it may be the only way to wake up for some! Yessss definitely always pick your outfits the night before! Thanks for reading (: xx

  2. I definitely find waking up with just one alarm and not snoozing makes me feel so much more awake and it's so much easier to get up!

    Laura x | laurahadley.co.uk

    1. Yesss it really does doesn't it?! Though it's definitely not always that easy! Thanks for reading(: xx


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