8 Things I've Learnt Since Commuting to Central London

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Having lived in London my whole life, I never thought twice about getting a job in central London and having to commute in everyday. However, since getting my first full time job last year, I've learnt a lot about the morning commute. Unlike some people, I don't dread it and I don't mind it that much (providing Southern rail are operating!), but it definitely has opened my eyes to a few things.

1./Seats are for those who live at the end of the line
In the morning, you will never get a seat unless you're one of the lucky few who live at the end of the line and are one of the first on. Even in the evenings I never get a seat, sometimes if I'm a little early for my train I get excited that I may actually get a seat, but they're still all taken up! 

2./Don't make eye contact
Never make eye contact with people on the train and whatever you do don't talk to fellow commuters especially during the morning commute!

3./The Metro is the most interesting newspaper
I know this sounds really sad, but I really love the Metro! It's the perfect morning read and fills you in on all the latest news so you can look intelligent when current affairs are discussed at work.

4./People with suitcases and buggies in the morning should be banned
I know this sounds pretty harsh, but there's barely any room on the train in the morning as it is. When you see someone getting on with a buggy or a suitcase your heart just sinks as they take up so much room!

5./Southern Rail are appalling 
There's so many words I could use to describe this train company, but they aren't reader friendly! If anyone follows me on Twitter you'll see me constantly moaning about them. They rarely operate trains on time and they always have some poor excuse as to why they're running late. That's if they're running at all, they're constantly on strike at the moment!

6./You get to know your fellow commuters
Well not literally because as I already mentioned, you don't actually talk to people on the train, but when you get on at the same station each morning and get on the same carriage, you start to see familiar faces.

7./Never talk on your phone
Those who start talking on their phone in the mornings are clearly not experienced commuters. I mean if your phone rings, sure answer it, but keep it short and sweet, don't start having a lengthy conversation because everyone on the train is listening in.

8./Learn where to stand on the platform
In my first week commuting, I was standing on the platform minding my own business and the next thing I know, this guy is practically standing on top of me. I soon realised this was because I was standing right where the doors open. Now, I always stand in that place in the hope that a seat will be available and I'll be the first to reach it!

Commuting over this last year has definitely be an eye opener!


  1. hahaha love this! I'm lucky enough that I live at the end of the line so I get a seat on the way in, never on the way home though! Defintiely agree about standing on the platform, I swear some people turn up and stand on top of you just so they can get near the doors - personal space people!! Great post x

    1. Ah very jealous that yo always get a seat in the morning! I know right, it's sooo annoying! This one guy is particularly bad, he has no idea about personal space! Thanks for reading(: xx


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