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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Recently, at work, a couple of my colleagues have set up a baking club in order for us to host our very own 'Bake Off' competition. As a lover of baking and eating baked goods, I of course signed up. Last week was our first week and along with three others, I was selected to bake and the theme was muffins.

Now if you know me, you know that I have a tendency to be a little competitive and when I'm involved in a competition, I will do everything in my power to win. So when I found out the theme was muffins, I felt pretty confident as they're relatively easy to bake and you can't go far wrong. However, I didn't have any recipes that I thought would put me in with a chance of winning, so I contacted one of my closest friends Sarah who is the most amazing baker ever and asked for her advice. Sarah sent me a Hummingbird Bakery recipe and promised me that it was super easy to make.

I had a little practice run before making my full batch (practice makes perfect!) and they turned out really well, although I found out my parents don't own a muffin tin, so had to whizz out and buy one! I then made the competition batch on the Sunday evening as I was due to take them into work on the Monday and I can't begin to tell you how nervous I was! Luckily they turned out really well - I think they looked and tasted pretty good!

What I loved about the recipe was that you roughly chop dark chocolate into chunks and stir this into the cake mixture. This meant that rather than having chocolate chips which always get lost in the cake, you could really taste and see the chocolate chunks in the muffin. There is a lot of chocolate and cocoa powder in this recipe so you have to be a fan of chocolate to like them!

One of my colleagues baked blueberry muffins and the other baked lemon muffins and I must admit they were both pretty good. The results haven't been announced yet, so I'm having to hold out in anticipation for a little bit longer.

If you're after a really easy, really tasty muffin recipe I can't recommend The Hummingbird Bakery enough.

Let me know what baking recipes you love.

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