Making Christmas Warmer

Sunday, 18 December 2016

As much as I wish blogging was my full time job, it doesn't pay the bills, so alongside blogging I work full time. Although I will have a bit of time off between Christmas and New Year, I am working up until Christmas Eve. Whilst I don't mind working at this time of year, it can sometimes be a bit of a drag and I'd much rather be getting into the festive spirit!

Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was when the biggest hamper arrived at work for me from Cotton Traders as part of their 'Making Christmas Warmer' campaign (you can read all about it here). The campaign aims to spread festive cheer amongst those who have to work during this time of year and help to make them feel a little warmer. The hamper covered everything, from festive treats, to decorations and Christmas music:

-Now That's What I Call Christmas CD
-Whittard Hot Chocolate
-Whittard Marshmallows
-Fox's Biscuits
-Candy Canes
-Christmas Crackers
-Festive photo booth props
-Green & Blacks chocolates
-Monin coffee syrups 

There was so much excitement in the office when this arrived, with everyone delving into the hamper to see what treats were available. The edible treats didn't last too long, but we had a lot of fun with the photo booth props and crackers.

The hamper definitely helped spread the festive spirit in the office and showed that you can have fun in the office in the lead up to Christmas. I will definitely consider buying a similar hamper next year as everyone really loved it and it definitely created an air of excitement in the office.

A huge thank you to
How have you made the most of the season of good will?


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