January Favourites

Sunday, 29 January 2017

January has been a difficult one for me as whilst I was really busy at work, I was also studying for an exam that I was doing alongside my job. Therefore, I haven't been trying many new products, to be honest I've barely left the flat, but here are a few things I've been loving this month.

Remember that blog post I did reviewing the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter that my friend bought me for my birthday? Well that very same friend was so generous and bought me one of the Nars blushers for Christmas (I'm super lucky, I know). Anyway, having never tried a Nars blusher before I was super excited to see what this had to offer and it didn't disappoint! It's so pigmented and long lasting, I absolutely love it!

I'd heard so many rave reviews about this lipstick and as a lover of MAC lipsticks, I was excited to give this a try. It's not a shade I'd usually go for as it's got more of a brown undertone, however, I absolutely love it, I've been wearing it every time I've ventured out the flat this month. 

I don't want to talk too much about this product as I recently reviewed it here. However, I've been loving it throughout January, it's helped my hair to look so much thicker and volumised, I can't recommend it enough.

More of a random one, but my brother and his girlfriend got me these for Christmas as I'd seen so many people wearing them and wanted to know what the hype was about. I really like them, they support my hair well and don't tug the hair like a normal hand band can - they've definitely been great for tying my hair up whilst revising.

5./The Lucky Man 
Emil and I have Now TV which is great for up to date TV series. This month we've been watching a programme called Lucky Man featuring James Nesbitt. In short, it's about a murder detective who has a gambling addiction and has been given this bangle that grants him unending luck. It's a really interesting series that I can't recommend enough!

What have you been loving in January?

Paul Mitchell Thicken Up Styling Liquid | Review

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

When I went home for Christmas, I'd forgotten to take home any hair styling products with me, so I asked my mum if she had anything I could borrow and she told me she'd recently started using the Paul Mitchell Thicken Up Styling Liquid and I instantly fell in love. If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know I'm always on the look out of for new hair care products to help thicken and volumise my hair and this wasn't one I'd tried before. After using it over Christmas, I knew I had to purchase my own bottle, so shortly afterwards, I went out and bought one for myself.

I've been using the Paul Mitchell Thicken Up Styling Liquid for the most of January and I've been loving it. It really does what it says on the tin and thickens the hair, it leaves my hair looking fuller and healthier and I don't think I'll ever find a product I love as much as this. Although it's not the cheapest haircare product at £16.95, it really is worth every penny! Also, you only need 2-4 pumps so a little definitely goes a long way. You can apply it on either damp or dry hair, but I find if apply 4 pumps to my towel dried hair,  I don't need to apply it again until I next wash my hair. 

Also, the great thing about Paul Mitchell is that that they're a very ethical brand. They don't test on animals, they're paraben and gluten free as well as being vegan products, so that definitely ticks more boxes for me!

I really can't recommend this product enough if you're looking for thicker, more volumised hair, that not only looks healthier, but smells good too!

The Perfect Sunday Brunch

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Having recently moved to a new area of London, I'm still exploring and discovering new places to eat. The other day, I was on Instagram and a sponsored post came up with the most amazing looking American style pancakes, I clicked on it out of curiosity and was super excited when I discovered it was a really cute cafe called The Pear Tree, really close to my new flat. They describe themselves as an Australian-inspired restaurant with a delicatessen, which made me really intrigued to give them a try.

This weekend, a couple of my friends, Anna and Andy came to stay, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit The Pear Tree for brunch and it didn't disappoint! Whilst they serve brunch until 5pm, they also have mains that are served through to the evening. I could easily work my way through the entire menu, but after much deliberation, I opted for the Buttermilk Pancakes with caramelised banana and maple syrup and to drink, a banana, peanut butter, raw cocoa and almond milk smoothie. 

The drinks arrived first and the smoothie I'd ordered was incredible, it tasted just like a chocolate and peanut butter milkshake, but knowing that it was on the healthier side, made it that bit more delicious! Once our meals arrived, I was a little disappointed with my choice, I was only given half a banana and it looked a little bruised, but despite this, it did taste really good. Emil had opted for the pancakes too, but with berries and bacon, whilst Anna had chorizo and scrambled eggs on sourdough toast and Andy had the a cooked breakfast, all of which looked delicious! 

Everyone was really pleased with their meals and I was really impressed with the atmosphere and the decor of the restaurant. On the way out, we were very tempted by the delicious looking baked goods, but managed to refrain - just! I'm so glad we found this hidden gem and I can't wait to go back.

Products I Discovered and Loved in 2016

Thursday, 5 January 2017

As a beauty lover, I'm always on the lookout for new products to try, so I thought I'd share my favourite products that I've discovered and loved during 2016. However, I often find these sorts of posts can be very long winded, so I've kept it to my top 8 to try and keep the post short and sweet.

If you've followed my blog this year, you'll know how much I've raved about this product, it's featured in so many posts so I won't bang on about it too much now. In short, it's the best lip balm I've ever used. It's so nourishing and hydrating and has definitely nursed my lips through the colder weather. 

Having been a huge fan of the Original Potion Primer from Urban Decay, I was intrigued to try Eden as I'd heard such great things about it. I've been using this for the most part of the year and love it, I find it more creamy compared to the Original potion and it holds my eyeshadow in place all day. 

Having only used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for the past few years, I was intrigued to try a different Concealer and was recommended this one from Urban Decay. As it's a little pricier, I only use it for night outs or during the weekend, but I love it. The coverage is really good and it also smells really lovely! 
I've heard so many raving reviews of this foundation and I finally gave in and purchased myself a bottle earlier in the year. You can read my full review here, but it's definitely become a staple in my make up bag now. It's such a long lasting foundation, with amazing coverage and I've been recommending it to all my friends - I love it! 

If you've seen me wearing a lipstick this year, it's most probably been this one, I've been wearing it so much. It's such a gorgeous pale pink colour that's perfect for everyday. I've bought it for a couple of my friends as well because I've been loving it so much that I want others to be able to try it too! 

I was recommended this by an assistant in MAC as I was looking for this exact shade for an eye look I was wanting to do for a bridesmaid make up. It's the prettiest eye colour I've ever seen and I've worn it so much over the year, it blends so well and is so pigmented.

This is definitely a late addition to my favourites this year, but I couldn't not include it. I haven't long reviewed it, so I won't go into too much detail (read the full review here), but it's such a beautiful highlight that I've been wearing pretty much everyday since receiving it in November. 
This product has probably had the biggest impact on my life, it's the best product I've tried all year. It's a top coat that leaves your nails dry to the touch within minutes. Being quite an impatient person, I always ended up smudging my nail polish as I never quite left enough time for my nails to dry. However, I never have this problem anymore, I really can't recommend this product enough - you have to give it a try!

So that's the products that I've discovered and loved during 2016. What products have you been loving in 2016?

Goals for 2017

Monday, 2 January 2017


For the last few years, I've set myself around 5 goals to achieve throughout the year (read last years goals here) and I find posting them on my blog makes me more determined to achieve them. 

1./Get promoted at work 
This was one of last year's goals too, but due to the nature of my job and the level I'm at, there's definitely opportunity for me to get another promotion and I'm determined to do so.

2./Give more to charity
I often give to charity on an ad hoc basis, but I do feel I could do / give more. Therefore, I'm going to research some charities and start making monthly payments to one or two to help give back. If you know of any worthy charities that I should consider giving to, let me know.

3./Grow my blog 
This is one that I started to focus on towards the end of last year, but this year I'm determined to go bigger and better and grow it even more! I have loads of ideas that I want to implement so watch this space! 

4./Watch more films 
It's recently come to my attention that I have very little film knowledge. I'm not the biggest film lover just because I have quite a short attention span and so sometimes do get a little bored if I'm not 100% into the film. However, I want to challenge myself to watch more films and to particularly try different genres that I've not previously considered. Let me know if you have any film recommendations!

5./Start a YouTube Channel 
This is one that has been on my radar for about 5 years now but I've never had the confidence to do, mostly because I don't think people would be interested in listening to what I have to say. However, having seen how my blog has grown, I'm gaining a bit more confidence. This is one I'm really going to have to work on though because I hate the sound of my own voice, so not sure how I'd cope with editing!

That's all that I'm setting myself to achieve this year. I wonder how many I'll have ticked off by the end of the year? What are your goals for 2017? 

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