New Year, New Blog

Friday, 17 February 2017

Okay, I know it's not technically New Year anymore, but this is something that I've been working on since January. I've wanted to refresh my blog for a while, but what with work and life commitments, blogging often takes a back seat. However, at the start of this year I was determined to finally get round to a brand new look for Ramblings of a Blonde.

With the help of my very talented boyfriend Emil, I have an amazing new blog layout, brand and logo which I'm super excited to finally be able to share with you! I'm totally in love with it, it feels so much more fresh and modern!

So what else is new?
Along with a brand new look I also have a new Facebook page, which I'd love you to take a look at and 'Like', I'm going to stop using my personal Facebook to promote posts and start using this page instead so make sure you've 'Liked' it so you don't miss out on any posts.

I've also got a new email address - so for any PR enquires or collabs or any other general bits and bobs, feel free to email me on this address. I definitely want to work with more brands this year, so please get in touch if you'd like to work together.

Some of you may or may not already know this, but I currently upload every Sunday and Wednesday evening (for the most part when work isn't crazy busy!) and I'm going to continue doing this with added bonus posts whenever I can.

Also, I want to start doing some Giveaways. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such supportive bloggers and I want to be able to give something back. Keep an eye on my Twitter in the immediate future as I'll be launching a Giveaway once I hit 1.5K followers, but I'll also be running Giveaways on my blog in the not so distant future, so keep an eye out for those.

Finally, now that I'm in a good place with my blog, I will be starting up a YouTube channel alongside it, so I'll share all my details on that once it's live - eeeek (please subscribe! I'm scared I'll have 0 subscribers!)

So that's everything, I'm so excited for what this year has to hold for Ramblings of a Blonde. Do let me know what you think of my new 'look' and thank you to everyone for your continued support - I love you all!

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