Cosmetic Sponges - worth the hype?

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Okay, I know I’m super late to the party with cosmetic sponges, but I’ve recently fallen in love. Sure, I was well aware of them when they first became popular, but I wasn’t convinced. Having tried to apply foundation in the past with one of those triangle sponges, (you know the ones that were available from Boots / Superdrug that you were obsessed with when you were a teen) I found that they soaked up more product than they applied and weren’t the most hygienic. As a result, that’s what I associated with the cosmetic sponges that were becoming popular so I was reluctant to go out and buy one.

However, last month, I was in Boots with my mum, helping her to choose some Real Techniques brushes and there was an offer on the Real Techniques range and as I didn’t need any other brushes (and I’m a sucker for promotions), I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Real Techniques MiracleComplexion Sponge. I’d heard so many positive reviews about this sponge so I was keen to know what all the hype was about, but was still a little sceptical about it. How wrong I was. I love it, it’s completely changed the way I apply my make up.

Admittedly, I’m still a little reluctant to use it for my foundation, but that’s mainly because I love using the Zoeva 103 Defined Blender Brush and not a lot will convince me to switch. However, I have been using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for my concealer and it’s made a huge difference. I use the flat side to initially ‘dab’ the concealer into my skin, using quite a light touch. I then use the pointed end for the corner of my eyes to ensure all of the concealer is blended in well. I find that it blends the concealer into my skin so much better than any brush does and it leaves me with a more flawless finish. Not only that, but I find that it blends the concealer into my skin so much quicker and more effortlessly than any brush. Also, it doesn't soak up loads of product so I definitely don’t feel like I’m losing lots of concealer into the sponge. I know there are lots of different brands with this style of cosmetic sponges, but at £5.99, you really can’t go far wrong with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Having been someone who was dead against them a few months ago, I now can’t recommend them enough! Do I think they're worth the hype? 100%!

Have you tried any cosmetic sponges likes these? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. I love cosmetic sponges too! I used to have one by Cosmopolitan which was my ultimate favourite but it was discontinued! I now use the Real Techniques one too which I'm really impressed with! I definitely think it's worth trying a few different cosmetic sponges if you haven't - as it takes a while to find one with the right amount of soft or firm that works for you!
    I've never used a brush to apply my foundation before - every time I've tried it it's just gone horribly patchy! Any tips?!

    Love, V x

    1. I know they're soo good. Yeah that's very true, I'm keen to try a few different ones. Oh nooo that's annoying. I don't really like traditional foundation brushes i.e the flat ones, I much prefer more soft, buffer brushes that you buff the foundation in, so this should prevent any patches. The real techniques stippling brush or expert face brush are really good! Thank you so much for reading xx

  2. I love the real techniques sponge for doing my concealer! Even after I do my foundation with a brush I still sometimes like to go over it with my sponge just to make sure it's properly blended :) xx

    1. Yes I'm totally the same, they're great at providing a flawless look - I love them! Thank you so much for reading xx


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