5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving Out

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Many of you may know that in November last year, I moved out of my family home and in with my boyfriend, Emil. I wanted to move into central London so that I was closer to work and to be in the middle of things more. However, I've learnt so much over the past few months that I thought it was worth sharing a few of them for those thinking of moving out of home.

1./It's expensive
I thought I'd get this one out of the way with as it's the most obvious point. I always knew moving out of home was going to be expensive, but I don't think I realised just how expensive it is. There's so many things that's you don't take into consideration when moving out for the first time. For example, Council Tax, the price of a weekly shop, the cost of electricity. It soon all adds up!

2./There's more freedom
Again, quite an obvious one, but it's so nice being able to do things I want when I want. I'm so used to being told when to do chores or when washing needs to be done etc, but now it's all down to me. Whilst this does have it's down sides (i.e. I now have to do it all myself!), it does mean if I don't want to do something, I don't have to!

3./There's so many things to think about
This kind of ties in with what I was saying about the price of everything, but there are so many things  to think about that I'd never considered before, such as, having to pay Council Tax, having to sort out an internet provider, what meals to cook etc. These are decisions and thoughts that never used to occur to me, but they've soon become part of my everyday life!

4./Interior Design is a lot of fun
Okay using the term 'interior design' is a bit extreme seeing as we can't paint the walls or do too much, due to the fact we live in rented accommodation. However, I really have enjoyed making the little homely touches to the flat. Although, we had a lot of the furniture before we moved in, from Emil's previous flat, I've loved adding little bits and pieces to make the flat look nicer. For example, the classic girly fairy lights and candles (we have so many candles it's ridiculous, I even have a cupboard full of spare candles!)

5./Utility companies will become the bane of your life
Again, something I'd never had any experience of until I moved out. They're impossible to get hold of on the phone as you're constantly in a queue of 1000 people and then when you do get near the front of the queue, they cut you off. A lot of companies are only open during office hours too, which is useless for me as I don't have time during the day to stay on the phone for 2 hours!

So there are a few of the things I've learnt over the past few months since I've moved out. If you've moved out, I'd love to know what you learnt!


  1. I'm thinking about moving out soon but trying to come up with the money for somewhere is really scary and also finding the right place to move to as well x


    1. I know, there's so much to think about, finding the right place is so important too!

  2. Those damn utility companies can suck it. I live with my parents and have just taken over the electric bill.

    I relate so much x

    1. Ugh I know right, literally bane of my life. Their customer service is appalling!

  3. I love lifestyle posts like this of things that aren't always spoken about! I can't wait till the day I move about and get to decorate my own place with all my own touches! Lovely post,
    Zara xx

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely. Yes it is really fun, you get to put your own touch on things! Thanks for reading (: x

  4. I'm thinking about moving out real soon but somehow I keep sugar-coating it. Thank you for the tips ;)



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