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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

As with most beauty bloggers it seems, I'm a huge LUSH fan. I have a whole jar of bath bombs / bubble bars and soaps in my bathroom, ready for whatever type of bath I'm after (it also makes a very pretty bathroom ornament!) However, despite this, I do have my favourites that I find myself repurchasing over and over.

I know this is a favourite amongst many. I really like this one as you only need to crumble a bit in your bath and as it's quite big, the bar definitely goes a long way. It's great for those relaxing baths that are needed after a stressful week. It's like a huge berry hug to help make you feel all warm inside!

I think this was the first ever bath bomb I tried from LUSH and it's still a firm favourite. It's a very calming bath bomb full of mimosa and jasmine oils, complemented by lemon oil and orange flower. I find this bath bomb really helpful when I'm after a relaxing bath.

This is my most recent discovery from LUSH. It's definitely the sweetest scents out of all of these and it contains almond chunks and butter which help moisturise the skin whilst you soak in bubbles. I was first attracted to it because I thought it looked really cute with the little flower on it. The combination of the sweet smell and the moisturising element make for a great bubble bath when you need cheering up.

This one is slightly different to the rest as it's body butter in soap form. It's blend of bananas, avocados, oatmilk and butter make the perfect combination for a nourishing and hydrating body butter. I use this after all my baths; smoothing it over wet skin and then rinsing it off which leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

I've definitely left the best to last year. This is by far my favourite product at LUSH (I've actually bought it for a few friends because I love it so much and want to share the joy of it!) I originally discovered this scent when I was given the shower gel for my birthday and I loved it, I then went in store and discovered the bubble bar and fell in love. I'm not normally a fan of rose scents, but the mix of rose, lemon and geranium oil are a magical combination and smell divine. Also, it contains Fair Trade cocoa and shea butter which leave skin feeling soft. Again, you only need to break a bit of this off into the bath, for lots of gorgeous bubbles. A Rose Jam bath, never fails to cheer me up!

What are your favourite products from LUSH?

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