Summer Holiday Wishlist

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer is well and truly here, which means it's time to start planning what I need to buy for my summer holiday! I'm not going away until a bit later this year, so I have plenty of time to stock up, as normally my holiday comes around too quickly and I'm not prepared. Here's a few things that are on my wishlist this year.

No holiday would be complete without a camera and this LUMIX GH5 is definitely the Best CSC Camera that I've come across. It's perfect for holidays because it's compact, meaning that it's easy to carry around with you to ensure you don't miss any photo opportunities whilst away. Not only that, but it films in 4K and takes photos in 6K - ideal for providing the best holiday photos. I love taking photos whilst away as the scenery is always so beautiful and the sky is always so blue, I just know this camera will take such beautiful photos and capture all my memories to relive after the holiday is over.  

These glasses are just stunning. I've never invested in a pair of sunglasses, instead always buying cheaper ones that break after a few months, but I've recently fallen in love with these from Dior. I really like reflected glasses and these are just stunning in the copper shade too. They'd be perfect for my summer holiday!

I love Longchamp bags and already have the Le Pliage Tote Bag which is the best handbag I've had. It's so spacious and is great for everyday use. Therefore, when I saw this Jeremy Scott Travel bag on the Longchamp website, I knew it would be perfect for my holiday. I think it would be great to chuck beach towels in and other essentials that are needed when away. Plus, I love the unique design - it's super cute for summer.

I've wanted a pair of Birkenstocks for as long as I can remember. They look so super comfy and look ideal to throw on before heading out exploring / heading to the beach. I like to explore the local area whilst away and simple flip flops aren't always very sturdy, so these Birkenstocks would be perfect. 

I'm absolutely loving these really quirky inflatables at the moment, they seem so much fun! This Watermelon one on ASOS looks perfect for lounging around on in the pool. Definitely on the pricey side for an inflatable, but you can't put a price on fun! 

Okay, this is probably the most impractical swimsuit I've ever seen, but it's also one of the prettiest. I'm pretty sure it would be really hot and not too sure how the sequins would look when wet, but you can't deny it's a beautiful swimsuit. 

I really like this sundress. I'm all about light, airy dresses whilst away. I love being able to throw them on to head to the beach / out exploring as they cover you up without making you feel super hot. I hate clothes that cling to you when it's hot, so this dress looks like just the thing I'm after. 

When I'm away, I love going out for dinner and getting dressed up in pretty summer dresses and this bag seems like the perfect accessory. It's such a beautiful colour and I think it would go with a lot of my summer dresses. I don't like to take too much out with me, so this would be ideal for my phone, keys and money etc. 

There's my summer holiday wishlist. Definitely some pricier options, but you've got to aim high right? What's on your summer holiday wishlist? I'd love to know.

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