Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil | Review

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I've recently fallen in love with the skincare brand Dr Botanicals and have already reviewed their Advanced Anti-Oxidant Superfood Facial Oil and their Cleanse and Tone Cleanser. I always love trying different products from Dr Botanicals and the latest one I've tried is the Moroccan Rose Superfood  Facial Oil. If you've seen my review of the Dr Botanicals Advanced Anti-Oxidant Superfood Facial Oil, you'll know that I was a bit sceptical about using an oil on my face as it feels quite unnatural when I do everything to ensure my skin isn't oily! However, after having had such a positive experience with the Anti-Oxidant Facial Oil, I was keen to see what the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil from Dr Botanicals offered me.

I'm not the biggest fan of synthetic smelling rose products, but as Dr Botanicals only use natural ingredients and are cruelty free and vegan, I knew that the rose would be totally natural and was sure I'd like it. I love the Dr Botanicals packaging, it just screams natural. There's nothing fake about it and that's the same for the box that the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil came in.

The Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil contains lots of vitamins and minerals (including Vitamins A, C and Almond Oil) that all work together to renew, rejuvenate and protect the skin. It contains moisturising properties that help to nourish and hydrate the skin. As with the Anti-Oxidant Facial Oil, the Moroccan Rose Facial Oil is really hydrating on the skin and I apply it in the evening after I've cleansed my skin. As it's so nourishing on the skin, I've found that I don't need to apply a moisturiser. The Moroccan Rose Facial Oil leaves my skin looking so clean and glowing, whilst also leaving it hydrated. I'm in love with the scent too, it's so natural and smells just like rose should, rather than synthetic rose scented products that I've previously tried.

If you haven't tried Dr Botanicals products, you really should, I can't recommend them enough. With an ever growing trend towards natural, cruelty free brands Dr Botanicals ticks all the boxes! Have you tried any products from Dr Botanicals? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Milia Removal | My Experience

Monday, 17 July 2017

Milia is probably something that most people aren't aware of, but for me, they led to a huge insecurity about my skin. For those who don't know milia are a group of millium cysts which are small white bumps that typically appear on the cheek or nose. They're caused when keratin (a strong protein) becomes trapped under the skin. I've suffered with them for as long as I can remember and whilst they do go naturally, I found that they never all disappeared and I always had a small group of milia somewhere on my face. One of the easiest and safest ways to remove them is through electrolysis. However, this sounded beyond painful to me and so I put it off for years. Eventually, they were getting me down so much that I opted to go ahead and have electrolysis to remove them.

Once I told people what I was doing, no one could actually see them on my skin, but I knew they were there and continually getting me down as I never had smooth, clear skin. For this procedure, electrolysis involved a hot needle being inserted into the affected area (now you know why I put it off for so long!) and removing the cyst. 

This above photo was taken just before I had the electrolysis and from this picture, you can see that most of my milia were grouped under my eye and on my cheeks. Although I could cover them with make up, I was always aware of them still as my skin was never totally smooth.

The electrolysis was quite painful, I won't lie, it did bring tears to my eyes, but it only lasted about 10-15 minutes. The more milia you have, the longer the procedure lasts (obviously).

Afterwards, my skin was very red and swollen and looked like I'd been stung by a bee! The above photo was taken immediately after so you can see my skin at its worst. I applied Aloe Vera gel which really helped to calm it down. For 48 hours after the procedure you can't wear make up, which for me, is really hard! Luckily, I'd booked a few days off work and so that's why I decided to do it when I did. That way, I could stay hidden for a couple of days without being seen. Even with the milia removed, I still have a fairly uneven skintone, so like to wear make up to help smooth it out. 

In the following days, scabs started to form where the milia were (sounds super gross) as the skin starts to heal, but essentially I looked like a spotty teenager! Once I was able to wear make up again, it wasn't so bad as it was easy to cover them up.

I applied Bio-Oil twice daily to the scabs to help prevent scaring and to help them heal quickly. The photo above was taken a week later and you can see most of the scabs have cleared up (except that giant one above my lip)! They took just over a week to completely go, though I still have a scar from the one above my lip so am still applying Bio-Oil twice daily to that. 

Now my skin is so much smoother and for the first time in ages, I feel so much more secure about my skin as it looks so much clearer! The above photo was taken last night (exactly a month since the electrolysis). I would recommend electrolysis to anyone who was wanting to get rid of their milia. It's the safest way and whilst it does hurt and leaves your skin looking a little unsightly for a few weeks, it's so worth it in the long run. I would definitely recommend you research beauty therapists before doing so as they should be fully trained to carry out electrolysis. Fortunately, my mum's friend is a beauty therapist and does all of mum's treatments so I knew she'd be amazing, but it's so important you go to a reputable place, because it could easily go wrong!

Apologies for the quality of these photos, I'd started taken them on my phone, so they're not the clearest, but hopefully it gives you an insight into what my skin looked like at each stage. Do you suffer from milia and are you considering treating them? Or have you had electrolysis? I'd love to know!

How to cheer yourself up | My top tips

Thursday, 6 July 2017

We all get a bit down from time to time, whether it's stress related, family related or just simply that time of the month. It's easy to sit and dwell on these feelings, but that's probably the worst thing to do as you start to overthink everything. Lately, I’ve had a few family bits that have left me feeling a bit flat, but using the following tips, I’ve helped to lift this mood.

1./Listen to your favourite music
This is a sure one to put me in a good mood. Ideally I'd blast the music whilst I'm at home and can have a really good dance to shake off all my worries, but often I'm at work and I don't think my colleagues would appreciate me dancing round the office! Instead, I plug in my earphones and put on my favourite tunes which soon cheers me up.

2./Surround yourself with friends and loved ones
Whenever I'm feeling down I always make sure I surround myself with my loved ones because they're sure to cheer me up. Not only that, but I don't think it's good to be on your own when you're feeling low as you just dwell on your feelings, bottling them up and not chatting them through. That's why it's great to have friends and family around to help raise your spirits.

3./Eat well
I think it's always good to try and eat healthily, but when you're feeling down it's so easy to comfort eat in an attempt to cheer yourself up. When I'm feeling low, I try to consciously watch what I eat because comfort eating is never going to cheer me up, if anything it makes me feel worse. Eating healthily will make you feel better in both body and mind (cheesey, but true!) 

I'm not the world biggest fan of exercise, but when you're feeling a bit down exercise is always good for releasing endorphins and making you feel better. When I'm going through a tough patch, I always try and do as much exercise as possible because I know I'll feel better for doing it.

5./Wear your favourite clothes and make up
Whenever I'm feeling down, I always pop on my favourite outfits and do my make up nicely, using some of my favourite products. I find this boosts my confidence and makes me feel loads better. It's amazing how something as simple as clothes and make up can make you feel.

Whilst superficial, these are some of my top tips that I work through when I'm feeling a bit low. What do you like to do to cheer yourself up?

Living with a Partner | 5 things I've learnt

Monday, 3 July 2017

As some of you may know, I moved in with my boyfriend, Émil for the first time 6 months ago. I'd moved out before when I went to university, but moving in with a partner is totally different to living with friends. I've definitely learnt a lot over the past few months which I thought I'd share.

1./Establish your routines
I’m a great lover of routine. I know that’s boring, but it’s true. I had a strict morning routine when I lived at home, so I wasn’t sure how I’d adjust when I moved in with Émil, especially as we only have one shower and need to leave the flat at a similar time. However, we’ve soon fallen into a routine that works for both of us. I always get up first, shower and start getting ready for work, by this time, Émil wakes up and starts getting ready for the day. We always have breakfast together which is nice as we chat about our days ahead. In the evenings, Émil gets in before me and so he may start dinner or do a few chores and then I get home to cook the rest of dinner before eating together and then settling down in front of the TV.

2./Establish your roles
When we first moved in, I wanted us to share the chores because I didn’t think it was fair for one person to be left to do it all. We’ve soon fallen into a routine of who does what and whilst these roles aren’t set in stone, it does ensure we get everything done when it needs to.

3./Give each other space
Don’t get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, but sometimes you just need that time to yourself. Émil enjoys gaming and I would hate for him to feel like he couldn’t game because of me. Therefore, he’ll often play on his PS4 in the evening, whilst I catch up on trashy TV that I know he won’t enjoy. Whilst we love spending time together, it’s important we don’t get under each other’s feet as that doesn't make for a happy relationship.

4./Be adaptable
This is definitely one I’ve had to learn. I’m quite stuck in my ways and like things done a certain way. However, for some things, Émil had better or different ways of doing things and I had to adapt my ways and learn that change is okay! Similarly, Émil I’m sure will agree, has adapted to certain things I do. Everyone has different ways of doing things and I think it's important to accept that and be flexible to find a balance that works for both of you.

5./Be honest with each other
All too often, problems can arise from bottling up emotions and not talking about how you feel. I think a key to a successful living arrangement with your partner is to ensure you’re open and honest about anything and everything so you can iron out problems before they escalate. Émil and I have quite an open relationship and ensure we're always honest with each other and this has made living with Émil really easy and enjoyable.

So they're probably the top things I've learnt living with my partner over the past 6 months and hope they're helpful for anyone looking to move out with their partner. Have you recently moved in with the a partner? I'd love to know your tips!

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