My Top 3 Concealers

Sunday, 6 August 2017

There are so many concealers available and often it can be overwhelming as to which ones to try. Having tried a few, I’ve finally found 3 that I absolutely love and use on a regular basis, so thought I’d share with you.

I thought I’d get this one out of the way with first because it’s the obvious one. Everyone has at least heard of this concealer, if not tried it. At £4.19 it’s the best value concealer available, not only is it so cheap, it offers the most coverage I’ve ever come across from a drug store concealer. I prefer to use the Light (1) shade for most of the year and then I move onto Medium (2) when I have a bit of colour in the summer. I use it to brighten under my eyes and also cover any blemishes which it’s amazing at doing! The only thing that’s annoying about this concealer is the shade range as it’s so limited. I believe they’ve now extended it to include a cool and warm medium, but I still think they could do with more shades.

This is my most recent concealer purchase. Having seen so many other bloggers / YouTubers raving about it I decided it was worth trying. However, at £8.99 it is a little pricier than Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I really like how creamy this concealer is, if a little freaked out by the spongey applicator! That’s one thing that put me off buying it as I wasn’t sure how hygienic the sponge was, however, I’m glad I got over this as it’s amazing at brightening my eyes. I apply it using the sponge attached and then blend with a beauty blender. I find I only use the Eraser Eye Concealer under my eyes (surprise, surprise!), rather than on any blemishes. I’m not sure if other’s use it elsewhere on their face, but for me I don’t find the coverage as great on spots. Again, the shade range isn’t great I use Light, and there are only 3 other shades so it’s very limited.

This is my favourite high end concealer I’ve ever tried. Again, this is another really creamy concealer and has amazing coverage, it’s great for brightening the dark circles under my eye, but also for covering blemishes. At £19, it’s much pricier than the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer so I tend to only use it at the weekends / nights out, rather than as an everyday concealer. The shade range for the Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is much more comprehensive compared to the other two, so they definitely cater to more skin tones. As with all my concealers I have the lightest one they do which is Fair Neutral and it’s a perfect match. Also, I love the smell of this concealer!

So they’re my top 3 concealers, I know they’re a pretty popular three, but I can’t recommend them enough. What are your favourite concealers? 

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  1. I have the collection concealer too,i mean who doesn't lol,i love how easy it blends out and doesn't get patchy on my dry skin.Havent tried UD or the Maybelline one,will give the UD one a go as it sounds like the coverage is better,i like my concealer to cover blemishes just as good too.Have you tried the Maybelline 24hr concealer,that's pretty high coverage aswell and really affordable x


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