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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

It’s been pretty hard to miss the release of Urban Decay’s latest palette – Naked Heat. As a beauty lover and also an Urban Decay Naked fan, I was really excited to hear of its release a few months ago. Urban Decay originally released the Naked Heat palette on their website and I had one in my basket, but couldn’t go through with the purchase because I was really worried that the shades wouldn’t suit me – biggest mistake of my life! Eventually, they came out in stores and I was able to swatch them. As the shades have orange / red undertones, I wondered how this would look on my skin. However, after swatching them, I was more in love than ever and went ahead and bought a palette.

For those who don’t know, the Naked Heat palette has 12 eyeshadows with 8 matte colours and 4 shimmer shades. I like to use a mix of shimmer and matte shades so this palette works well for me. There are a range of colours and from left to right the shades are:

  1. Ounce
  2. Chaser
  3. Sauced
  4. Low Blow
  5. Lumbre
  6. He Devil
  7.  Dirty Talk
  8. Scorched
  9. Cayenne
  10. En Fuego
  11. Ashes
  12. Ember
The shades are all very warm colours and are definitely a little out of my comfort zone, but it’s really encouraged me to experiment with different looks and I’ve been loving doing so.

What do I think of the Urban Decay Naked Palette?

As with all Urban Decay Naked eyeshadows, the pigmentation of these eyeshadows is amazing – definitely some of the best I’ve tried. I really don’t find I have to apply much product to achieve a really pigmented look. I have found that these shades are a little harder to blend than some of the other Naked palettes, but I’m not sure if this is because it’s been a while since I tried a brand new Urban Decay palette. I don’t find that there’s much fall out from these eyeshadows, though I do find some of the matte shades a little chalky.

I always apply Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion and with this, I find that the eyeshadows last all day, without smudging or disappearing off my eyelid. Even without a primer, these eyeshadows are super long lasting.  

Urban Decay have definitely upped their game with their packaging. With each Naked palette they've brought out, the packaging has got better. This is the most premium of them all, made of strong plastic and with a huge mirror - the mirrors have definitely got bigger too! This packaging is definitely more sturdy and looks as though it's also really protective - I'm still super careful when handling it though as I don't want to damage it.The brush that this comes with is also really good. I'm not normally a fan of brushes that come with eyeshadow palettes as I don't find that they're that good. However, the Urban Decay ones are always really good and I love using them. This one is slightly different to the other two I already have (Naked and Naked 3), but it's still just as good!

At £39.50 it's not the cheapest palette in the world, but it's in line with the other Naked pallets and for the quality, I really don't think you can go far wrong. Yes, it's a bit on the pricier side, but it's so worth it as the shades are absolutely gorgeous, the pigmentation is so good, so you don't need to use a lot of product which means you'll definitely end up having this palette for a while. Since getting it, I can't stop using it, it's definitely good value for money. 

Overall, I've been loving this palette and can't recommend it enough. As I mentioned, initially it was really out of my comfort zone as the shades aren't the sort of colours I typically use. However, I'm really glad I took the plunge and bought it as it really is stunning and it's good to go out of your comfort zone every so often right?

Have you tried the Urban Decay Naked palette? I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. It looks so beautiful, such gorgeous shades! The one I am longing to try is Ember, it looks such a magical shade :D they are all so perfect for autumn! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. They are so gorgeous, ember is definitely one of my favourite shades in the palette, I love it so much! Thanks so much for reading xx

  2. I've been seeing that palette everywhere! It looks gorgeous! I would love to have a palette like that for this time of the year! xx


    1. Yeah it's so popular, the colours are so beautiful, can't wait to try all the different shades in the autumn! Thanks for reading lovely xx


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