Palmer's Zero Break Hair Care | Review

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I recently reviewed the Palmer's Coconut Hair Care and explained how much I loved it (check out the full review here). Having never tried any of the range before, I was excited when I was offered the chance to also try the Palmer's Zero Breakage range. I have quite thin hair and so it is prone to breaking. It’s not something that has been a huge concern of mine, but if I can prevent it, then that’s great. 

Healthy hair has ceramides which help support the structure of the hair cuticle. However, various factors such as styling and the environment can lead to fewer ceramides which makes the hair coarse and dry. Palmer's Zero Breakage Range contains hydro-ceramides which help replenish the natural lipids of the hair cuticle. This strengthens the hair and reduces damage, breakage and splitting. All ingredients in the Palmer’s Zero Breakage range are ethically and sustainably sourced which is becoming ever important to me. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the Palmer's Zero Breakage Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Reconstructor which I spray onto damp hair. At first, it took a little while to get used to using an oil based shampoo as to me this doesn’t seem instinctively right as I wash my hair to prevent having oily hair. However, once I got over that, I did really enjoy using the products. The Shampoo and Conditioner feel really nice on my hair and after having applied them, I spray the Palmer’s Zero Breakage Reconstructor onto damp hair and then continue styling my hair. The 2 in 1 formula helps improve the visible signs of hair damage whilst providing a protective barriers against external factors that weaken hair. 

As with the Palmer’s Coconut Hair Care range, the Zero Breakage range smells incredible, it leaves my hair feeling clean and smelling lovely! If you’re looking for products that help protect the hair against damage and help to strengthen hair, I really do recommend this range.


  1. Some of Palmer's products have Dimethicone in it and some do not. I'm trying to avoid that chemical as I have an allergy to it. I love the Palmer's body lotion that I use. I cannot find the Zero Break full ingredients list online and it is not offered in my local stores. So before I order these products to be shipped to my local Target, would you be able to let me know if Dimethicone is an ingredient in this line?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there! Both the shampoo and conditioner are sulphate, parables and silicone free, which means no dimethicone!

    2. Woops autocorrect! I mean paraben not parables :)


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