KIKO Smart Nail Lacquer | Review

Sunday, 28 January 2018

KIKO is a brand that I’ve been aware of for a good few years and whilst I’ve ventured into their stores to see what their products are like, I’ve never actually purchased any. I’ve heard good things about their blushers and eyeshadow sticks, but I’ve never loved them enough to add them to my make up collection. However, a few weeks ago, I was walking past a KIKO in Norwich and noticed they had a huge sale on. I couldn’t resist. I went in and saw that they had 30% off their Smart Nail Lacquer. As someone who loves nail polish and a bargain, I had to have a little look. When I noticed the nail polishes were £1.25 each I knew it was meant to be. I have a huge nail polish collection, but the range of colours KIKO had on offer was so impressive and I spent ages browsing and deciding what colour to buy. I finally settled on 96 Pearly Anthracite82 Emerald85 Mint Milk.

Pearly Anthracite is a gorgeous metallic colour which is just gorgeous for this time of year as I love wearing dark colours, similarly Emerald is perfect as it’s a deep bottle green shade. I then really liked the look of Mint Milk and thought it would be a lovely pastel shade for the summer months. So despite only being £1.75 each, I ended up buying 3.

Having never used any products from KIKO, I was really keen to see what these products would be like. However, at £1.25, I didn’t have high hopes and sadly I was right. I first wore Pearly Anthracite and I always use a base and top coat which generally means my polish lasts a good week before it starts to chip. However, after less than 24 hours of wearing this shade I had a huge chip and it just went downhill from there. I was really disappointed. I wasn’t even sure whether it was worth trying the others. In the end, I decided to try out Emerald and I must admit it has been better. Still not as long lasting as other nail polishes I’ve used, but it definitely saw me through the week with only a few chips. I wonder if it’s something with the metallic formulation that affected the Pearly Anthracite?

Overall, not massively impressed, but at £1.25, can I really complain? The Smart Nail Lacquer from KIKO claim to be quick drying, but I can't say I've really noticed this as I always use the Sally Hansen Insta Dri as a top coat as I'm prone to being impatient and smudging my nails. However, I know this is a key selling point for those who want nail polishes that are rapid drying. At full price, the polishes are only £2.50, so they're still really cheap. If you're someone who only wears nail polish for a short amount of time, this range from KIKO may be ideal for you because the shade range is so vast and so pretty. However, for me, I don't think I'll be purchasing anymore again because I like my nail polish to withstand my lifestyle (which isn't that crazy!) and last all week!

Have you tired the any of the Smart Nail Lacquer's from KIKO? I'd love to know your thoughts.


  1. I got some kiko pieces from a friend and I love the lipstick! It's such a shame these don't last as the colours are really nice!

    Emily xx

    1. I know, I really wanted to love them, but I just don’t 😫 Maybe I’ll guve the lipsticks a try instead! Thanks so much for reading xx


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