MAC Power Hungry Palette | Review

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I'm a huge eyeshadow lover and love using palettes to help experiment with different looks. I have numerous eyeshadow palettes, but most of my high end ones are mostly Urban Decay and so I was really excited to see MAC had brought out a new range of eyeshadow palettes last year. I first discovered the Personality Palettes when in America and whilst I was really tempted to buy one, I managed to resist, instead preferring to get make up that isn't as easily accessible in the UK. However, my brother and his girlfriend very kindly bought me the Power Hungry palette for my birthday.

MAC have released five Personality Palettes all in a range of different shades. However, for me, the shades in Power Hungry were right up my street - I just loved every single eye shadow in the palette. It comprises 8 eyeshadows, 4 of which are shimmery and 4 are satin, plus one highlighter. All of which are warm shades with bronze, silver and pink undertones - I love it!

I love MAC eyeshadows as I've always find them so pigmented, so I was eager to find out how pigmented the Power Hungry palette was compared with their eyeshadow singles. It hasn't disappointed. All the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and there isn't any fallout either which is one of my biggest bug bears. Although some of the eyeshadows are really small, I think they'll still last quite a while as I really don't need much product to complete my eye look. Also, they're really easy to blend which I love as there's nothing worse than an eyeshadow that doesn't blend well, leaving you with block colour and a look straight out of the '70s!

Eyeshadows that last a long time are really important to me as I'm out of the house all day and I hate it when eyeshadows start to fall off your eyelids half way through the day. However, I have been really impressed with the Power Hungry palette and how long the eyeshadows last. I always use the Urban Decay Potion Primer in Eden before applying eyeshadows and so this really helps to keep the product in place all day. I've been really pleased with how long the eyeshadows last without smudging, they stay in place all day.

One thing I love about the Urban Decay palettes is the packaging, you may pay a premium price, but you get the premium packaging along with the premium product. Whilst, I love the eyeshadows in Power Hungry and I think they're worth their price tag, the packaging does let it down. It feels quite flimsy and doesn't quite match up to the Urban Decay palettes. However, I do like that there is a mirror included in the lid, although a little thin, it is useful for when you don't have a mirror to hand. 

At £32, this isn't the cheapest palette out there, but compared with other more premium brands it is definitely more on the reasonable side of things. 8 eyeshadows plus 1 highlighter for £32 is pretty good value for money in my eyes and given the quality of them, I think Power Hungry is well worth its price tag.

Overall, I've been loving using MAC's Power Hungry palette and have found myself reaching for it more than other palettes. The shade range is so beautiful and I love the quality of them. Having never tried a palette from MAC before, I've been really impressed with it and really recommend the Personality Palettes from MAC.  Have you tried any of the Personality Palettes? I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. It looks so pretty. I love a good pallete.

    1. It’s my favourite at the moment, I can’t get enough of it!!


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